Iron Oxide vs Carbon Black Pigment

eyeliner permanent makeup skills
Image of tattooed eyeliner. Client has green eyes. Eyeliner done by Ms Amber Red.

Did you know there are two main different kinds of black pigment?

Iron oxide:

💫Safe for clients with visible capillaries on their eyelids

💫Safe for a client that easily bruises or swells

💫Stays in place, minimal risk of migration due to the larger particle size

💫Great option for beginners 


💫Should only be used by advanced users

💫Implants very easily 

💫Lasts longer in the skin

💫Not recommended to use on a client who has visible capillaries, or if the client experiences swelling or bruising as this will highly increase the risk of pigment migration

Pro tip: There are also hybrid black pigments that contain both carbon and iron oxide. Know what you are using! You can google the CI code on the back of your pigment bottle if you are ever uncertain and that will tell you the ingredients within your pigments!