Get ready to start or expand your permanent makeup journey with Inspired by Ms Amber Red's in-person training courses, catering to both beginners and advanced PMU artists. Ms Amber Red builds all private and small group training classes to be tailored to each individual’s needs. Your hands-on experience for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip training will help you build the skills you need for your permanent makeup career. Explore your different options below and fill out the form to learn from one of the best teachers in the industry! 

Image is of Ms Amber Red during a permanent makeup shadow day. Ms Amber Red studio is located in Henderson, Nevada. Amber previously trained at GirlzInk studio.



Get a notebook and write down all of your questions! Come shadow Amber for a day! You will get to watch all the procedures she has booked for her day and ask all your questions.

Image is of Ms Amber Red for her in person training class that covers movements and machines for tattooing permanent makeup. Ms Amber Red studio is located in Las Vegas, NV.



In this class you will learn about the 5 core machine movements. Circles, whip shading, shoveling, pointillism, & pendulum. No hands-on models. Instead, plenty of guided practice mat time to explain to you the different movements & what they are used for! Plus, you get to try a variety of machines & needles!

Image is of Ms Amber Red training a student in a machine brow course for permanent makeup. Amber has previously trained with GirlzInk.



This course is a bit faster paced than the 3 day brow course. This class is good for someone who is already machine trained! We discuss a variety of machines & what needles are used for what. Most of the time in this class is spent tattooing! You will learn how to do Powder brows, Ombre brows, Combo brows, & Machine hair stroke brows. Hands on models plus lifetime support. Includes the online Combo Brow Course!

Image is of Ms Amber Red training a student during a microblading to machine brow conversion in person course. Ms Amber Red previously trained at GirlzInk studio and opened her own PMU studio in Henderson, NV.



This course is great for a microblader wanting to transition into machine work. No machine experience necessary! We will discuss a variety of machines, and what needles we use for what. You will learn about depth, stretch, shape and design, and so much more! Hands on models. You will learn how to do Powder brows, Ombre Brows, Combination brows, machine hair stroke brows! Includes online Combination Brow Course!

Image of Ms Amber Red training permanent makeup artist for a lift lightening removal class. Amber trained in the past at GirlzInk.



The Li-FT course you will learn the process of removal during a hands-on class removing a variety of bad permanent makeup & maybe even a small body tattoo! This course includes a Lift Kit to get you started as well as 1 year access to the Girlz Ink online Lift Removal Course!

Image is of Ms Amber Red who has trained with GirlzInk, teaching an eyeliner class and showing the students how to pre-draw for eyeliner tattooing in Las Vegas Nevada.



Artist interested in this class should have experience with using a machine, machine brow experience is a plus too! We discuss machines, needles, stretch, eyeliner design and so much more! Hands on models. You will learn about Lash enhancements, Wedge eyeliner, and Wing eyeliner! Includes online Wing Eyeliner Course!

Image is of Ms Amber Red in a hands on permanent makeup training class. The class is for Brow and Eyeliner tattooing training. Amber trained at GirlzInk.



Fast paced class. 2 days, 2 techniques, Brows and Eyeliner! Learn about Powder brows, Ombre Brows, Combination brows, Machine hair stroke brows, Lash enhancement, Wedge eyeliner, and Wing eyeliner Hands on models. No guided practice mat time. Must have machine experience and be fully comfortable with your machine. Included online Combination Brow Course, and Wing Eyeliner Course!

Image is of Ms Amber Red training a permanent makeup master class that covers eyeliner, eyebrow and lip tattooing. Amber trained previously at GirlzInk studio.



Come to Las Vegas to learn from the best! This class is in person and you receive the most hands on time in this class. It is an advanced class option. All pre study materials will be sent out prior to class, so when you arrive to the studio we will spend 98% of the time tattooing models!

Must be machine trained to sign up. Recommended to have experience with brows, eyeliner, and lips already.

Day 1-brows: machine brow techniques. Powder brow, ombré brow, combination brow, and machine hairstroke brow.
Day 2-eyeliner: lash enhancement, wedge eyeliner, and wing eyeliner.
Day 3- lips: lip blush and lip stick looks but using large shader needles for long lasting results!

With this course you also get 1 year access to 2 online courses as pre study material through Girlz Ink Studio. *specific course material sent upon booking fee being placed*!



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