What they don’t tell you about business

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The things nobody tells you about as a small business owners:

I quickly learnt that there’s so many things people don’t talk about. The early mornings, the late nights, the no days off…because on your days off you have to catch up, or learn about the things you’ve been putting off to grow your business…because no one else is going to do it.

Here are some other things no one talks about:

  • You are fully dependent on yourself to pay your bills and when you are in the first 2-5 years, it is scary
  • There's no salary, no benefits, no insurance, no weekends off, no sick days, no ever being "done"..ever. There’s always a never ending todo list.
  • It can take months to open shop, dealing with contractors- they need supervision and construction is always delayed.
  • Social media does not support small businesses. In fact they've made it 10x harder (not an exaggeration) to build and grow now. We work twice as hard to make a pretty grid, to stand out, and keep up with the daily messages so we are being considered as engaging.
  • Once you force yourself to hire employees (because you can't do it all)...you pay them before you pay yourself.
  • People will think you're a millionaire because you make sales and "look successful" but you have to reinvest every single dollar for the first few years. If you don’t you won’t grow or stay relevant.
  • You feel like you're letting down almost everyone in your life because there's not enough of you to go around. You’re tired maybe not physically but mentally.
  • Some days you feel really really lonely and you feel like no one can relate!
  • Opening a studio and trying to keep your online biz alive is challenging, you’re basically running two completely separate businesses!
  • No one day is exactly the same. One day you’re unclogging a toilet, the next day you’re giving an employee review, and the next you’re researching payment plan options for your clientele…there’s a lot of moving parts, research and become an expert in each area.
  • Making sure your business licenses, insurances, payroll and the other 5 billion things are valid/up to date is intense but yet they’re very important. This is the not fun part…
  • You’ll work more than you’ve ever worked in your life. You’ll feel like you can’t stop. Because if you do it will all crumble. People will never understand why you’re working so much.
  • When you’re not at the business you will still be working on the business. Admin is a real thing.
  • Others around you will seem like they’re accomplishing so much. Don’t compare yourself. Do what’s best for your business, and stay focused.
  • When business is slow, learn to pivot. Get creative. There’s not just one way to make money.
  • Be the example to your employees. If you don’t show up how can you expect them to. Same goes for your attitude. Staying positive is most important.
  • A vacation sounds nice. But the business doesn’t close. Once you hire employees, they need you. Situations will arise and you’re still the “boss” there’s never a complete mental shutoff
  • You will cry. And sometimes a few times a week. You’ll say you want to quit. But you won’t. You’ll get through it and then look back on the situation and it won’t seem like a big deal. With each stressful situation you will get stronger and smarter.

..with all of the craziness you keep going day after day because you believe in what you're doing with all of your heart, and know you have something special to offer. You simply love it. It's a deep knowing. Because it calls you and because you believe you're building the foundation for something badass. This is the stuff nobody wants to talk about or pushes through but you’re different.

It’s not easy but if it was everyone would be doing it. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, that alone makes you special. Enjoy the ups and downs. But don’t let the downs how you down, get back up and keep going ❤️