How to fix bad permanent makeup

lift removal

These days it seems that everyone is offering permanent makeup. But did you know not everyone fixes or specializes in permanent makeup correction?

It’s super important to know how to fix permanent makeup. Ms Amber Red was taught very early on that if you’re putting pigment into the skin you should know how to take pigment out of the skin, or in other words be retrained in pigment removal.

These days I can tell you that is is absolutely necessary to know how to help clients with bad permanent makeup! You should be trained in pigment removal/lightening and you should strive to specialize in permanent makeup correction!

Here is a perfect example. Client came to us with grey brows with minimal options.

-clients are turned away because other artists can’t help
-client is turned away because other artists don’t work on other artists work

Client is then left with no options. In my eyes this is unacceptable. If we can take on the responsibility of tattooing we should strive to have a full understanding of how we can help also.

This client we chose to color correct instead of removal and it worked wonderfully. Our client finally has beautiful new brows!

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Brow correction done by our in house artist @pmu_patti