What to expect during the healing process of your lip tattoo


Did you know that lip tattooing can last up to 3-5 years!

Here's what you can expect the healing process to look like after getting your lips tattooed.

Immediately after:

⚡️lips can appear swollen
⚡️lips look more bold
⚡️lips can have some bruising


⚡️lips soften about 30-50% depending on the style you choose
⚡️lips go through 2 main healing phases (chunky, and then dry)
⚡️lips can be dry up to 4 weeks after procedure
⚡️lip color “blooms” or becomes richer up to 4 weeks after procedure


⚡️fully healed takes up to 6-8 weeks depending on your body
⚡️touch up may be needed, and is normal but we recommend waiting 8 full weeks

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