Want to learn how to keep your tattooed brows soft?

eyebrows permanent makeup

Tattooed brows have come a long way! There are specific movements and techniques we use to ensure they heal soft.

First circles implant a lot of color quickly. We use these to get the job done fast = less passes = less trauma to the skin.

Also when the circle approaches the edge or the outer area of the eyebrow it is round and your line is straight…if we were to draw a line in the skin it would have the possibility of healing harsh. When you use circles it allows the edge to heal soft and not harsh.

Another way to soften edges, Pointillism. Pointillism with an 8RS placed 8 tiny dots of pigment into the skin at a time, scattered, in the shape of a circle. Giving a soft implant.

The more dots placed closer together the more saturation, you guessed it the further apart the softer the saturation!

Of course these are just quick insights to our techniques (movements & needles) if you’d like to learn more we offer in depth easy to understand online courses!

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