Microblading vs. Machine Hairstroke - Decoding the Difference

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Machine Hairstroke Brows done by Ms Amber Red

In the world of eyebrow enhancement, two techniques stand out as titans in the realm of precision and artistry: Microblading and Machine Hairstroke. At the intersection of creativity and skill, these methods are redefining the beauty landscape, stroke by stroke. Join us as we unravel the distinctions between Microblading and Machine Hairstroke, providing you with the insights you need to make an informed choice for your brow transformation journey.

The Handcrafted Elegance of Microblading

Microblading: This technique involves using a manual tool with ultra-fine needles to create feather-like strokes that mimic the natural growth of eyebrow hairs. The result? natural realistic hair strokes that adds depth and dimension to your brows.

Machine Hairstroke: Precision in Every Pulse

On the other side of the spectrum, Machine Hairstrokes. This method utilizes a specialized machine equipped with generally 1 single needle that moves rapidly in and out of the skin to deposit pigment. The controlled, consistent strokes deliver a defined look, perfect for those seeking a flawless and polished finish to their brows. Very similar to the look of microblading. 

So what's the difference

Both styles deliver a natural look. However, we personally feel that machine hair strokes are more ideal for a wider range of skin types. Thus, both techniques do best on dry to normal skin. And neither technique is ideal for oily skin. 

Machine hair strokes are known to cause less trauma to the skin, and also last a bit longer in the skin. 

Healing Time and Maintenance: What to Expect

Both styles of brows heal in about 7-10 days with minimum downtime. Minimal scabbing does happen throughout the healing process. Brows appear more bold immediately after the procedure then lighten once healed. Both techniques last approximately 1 year for normal to dry skin types.

Personalization: The Artist's Touch

Both Microblading and Machine Hairstroke allow for a high degree of personalization, but the key lies in the artist's touch. A skilled practitioner can tailor each stroke to harmonize with your natural hair growth, and or create a hair pattern flow if you have sparse brows. Before choosing a technique, research and connect with artists whose style resonates with your vision for the perfect brows.


At Ms Amber Red, we celebrate the diversity of beauty enhancement techniques, offering expert guidance and skilled practitioners to bring your brow dreams to life. Step into the world of brow transformation with confidence, armed with the knowledge of the differences between Microblading and Machine Hairstroke.